Friday, February 24, 2012

Black & Decker Coffee Maker History

Considering that coffee was being brewed as far back as 575 A.D. it is hard to believe that today's coffee maker really did not start emerging until about the 1950s.

Black and Decker has a long history starting back in 1910 (that's over 100 years of history in this company). Today, we're going to look back into their history about 30 +/- years.

The Black and Decker Coffee Maker actually began life as General Electric Company product. In 1984 Black and Decker purchased the small-appliance operations of the General Electric Company for $300 million. (Even today that is a nice little chunk of change). Black and Decker was also a little ahead of the game with the one cup at a time coffee makers. They put out their first version of this breed of coffee maker in 1986. Black and Decker still make coffee makers. Including many people's favorite the Brew n Go Personal Coffee Maker and Travel Mug. Which in all likelihood is a descendant of their original one cup at a time coffee makers.

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