Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brewing Coffee Measurements

There are many things that determine a good cup of coffee, some of these things are the freshness, type of bean, when the coffee was ground, how it's been stored, well the list goes on, but did you know that having the proper ratio of coffee to water when brewing is just as important as all of the other factors that go into making a good cup of coffee?

Many coffee houses use more coffee grounds than most people use at home in their own coffee maker. Coffee houses usually use 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds per 6 ounces of water. In order to get this ratio right you will need to determine what size your coffee maker's pot considers to be a cup. In typical kitchen measurements a standard cup is 8 ounces, but many 8 and 10 cup coffee makers use a varied measure on this standard. Some use a 6 ounce standard; some though consider a cup to be even less. Check your coffee maker's manual or test your pot using a proper measuring cup because you want to use the right coffee to water ratio for the best tasting coffee.

So keep in mind:

2 Tablespoons Coffee Grounds to 6 Ounces Water

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Create Your Own Coffee Bar

Ever wish you had a dedicated area to make your own coffee? Or just a place that you can keep your coffee things within easy reach, but still have it look neat and organized? A coffee bar may be just the solution that you need.

A coffee bar can vary from extremely simple to a bar that is decked out with coffee, tea, and other hot beverage items.

A small buffet or dresser can work as the base for your coffee bar. Then of course you will need your coffee maker  and some shelves above the bar for extra storage,. You will want to have space to store all your coffee related items from your coffee mugs, to your coffee grounds/beans, coffee grinder, etc.

If you need to hide some of your coffee items, then baskets on the shelves will help to keep smaller easily cluttered items organized for you. Mason jars also work well for helping add storage to your coffee bar.

Original image by insidious_plots.

Are you working on your own coffee bar? Already have one? What tips for storage, etc do you have for someone who is starting their own?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Coffee At College

With the students back in college, some are probably beginning to realize that it can get a bit pricey to purchase coffee from a coffee house each day. So what are some options for the thrifty student who loves their coffee?

If you consider that purchasing just 1 coffee a day 5 days a week can run from a little over $20 a month to as much as or more than $100 a month (depending on where and what type of coffee is purchased) You can easily justify purchasing a coffee maker, so long as it is taken care of it will surpass the time limit it needs to pay for itself.

Most people will go the route of purchasing a small drip coffee maker, just big enough for one, or a single serve coffee maker. But what about those who are used to a different tasting coffee? There is always the coffee press, but in a dorm room, you need a way to heat up water. In this case, you will want to look into an electric kettle, so that the option of having heated water to use with your french press is available.

Be sure to take care of your coffee appliances, and feel free to create your own unique coffee recipes to find the perfect coffee for you.

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