Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to Brew Great Coffee in a Drip Coffee Maker

Drip coffee makers are the most used coffee makers in households. These coffee makers are popular because they are easy to use. However, the coffee they make doesn't always come out tasting like the coffee you would purchase at your local coffee house. But there are definitely ways to make your drip coffee better.

Here are a few simple steps for you to keep in mind:
  1.  Use a Coffee Grinder. Coffee that is ground right before you use it it has a richer flavor due to the release of oils. 
  2. Use quality coffee. The better the quality of the coffee you start with, the better the final product will be. Coffee that has been vacuum-sealed is better, the seal keeps the beans or grounds from getting stale as quickly as coffee that is left sitting out in bins.
  3. Keep your coffee maker and pot clean. You will want to wash out your pot and filter basket every time you make a pot of coffee and it is a good idea to clean the coffee maker at least once a week. Each month you will also want to descale your coffee maker and be sure to clean the part of the coffee maker where the water drips out into the filter. If your pot is stained you might want to read How to Clean a Coffee Pot.
  4. Paper coffee filters are best for taste. Many people prefer to use the permanent filters because of the environment, however, if you compost, most paper coffee filters can be tossed into the compost with the coffee grounds. Whichever method you decide to use is ultimately up to you, but for better flavor, the paper filters are recommended.
  5. Be sure that you are using enough coffee. You will want a full tablespoon of ground coffee for every 8 ounces of water. Speaking of water, the best water to use is fresh cold water.
  6. Do not use the brew pause. It will muddle the strength of the coffee.
  7. If your coffee is left on the warming plate it will continue to heat which will change the flavor of it. The best method is to pour leftover coffee into a thermal pot or big thermal mug. It is preferable to make just enough coffee for what you will drink in an hour, but sometimes that isn't ideal for your schedule. But keep in mind the longer coffee sits the more the taste will start to become bitter.

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