Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coffee Rubs for Steak?

For many summer is just too hot for firing up the coffee maker to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Summer is the time for grilling out. And steak is always amazing on the grill. Did you know that there are many coffee rub recipes floating around? You can still enjoy your coffee without drinking it.

The easiest way to make a coffee rub is to add 1 tsp of dry coffee for every 1 cup of your typical rub recipe. However, this works only if your regular rub flavor is one that could be accented with the coffee flavor.

A quick online search for coffee rub recipes will lead you to a plethora of various rub recipes that feature coffee grounds. Your best bet for deciding is to go with a recipe that is similar to one that you know you already enjoy, then branch out and experiment from there if you decide you enjoy the coffee rubs.

Monday, June 11, 2012

How to Cold Brew Tea

We recently went over how to cold brew coffee, and we decided to find out how to cold brew tea for these warm summer months, because not everyone enjoys coffee. And some days even coffee drinkers want a little something different. Hence tea.

So what do you need to get started?
A clean jar or pitcher with a lid (you could even use a tea pot, this may help you with the measurements for the tea since you know how much you usually use in your own tea pot)
Your tea of choice
Cold water

How do you make it? 
Get your container of choice, put 1.5 times as much tea as you use for a hot brew into your container. Fill the container with cold water and place the lid on top. Now place in the refrigerator. Now you wait, for about 10 hours. (Feel free to go do other things while you wait) You will need to wait less than 10 hours for some white teas and more delicate teas, and black teas will take a bit longer. You will just have to experiment with how long is good for your tea and your preferred tastes.

Strain your tea.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Keep Iced Coffee from Diluting

In the past we have shared a blog on making your own iced coffee. Iced coffee is a great way to enjoy this type of beverage during the warm summer months. But since it is warm, those ice cubes can start to melt down rather quickly and then you will be left with a diluted coffee that, well, if we are being honest, doesn't really taste all that great.

So what can you do to prevent this?

Make coffee ice cubes. Making your own coffee ice cubes is a fairly simple process:
  1. Brew your coffee.
  2. Wait for coffee to cool some.
  3. Carefully pour coffee into an ice cube tray.
  4. Place tray into freezer.
  5. If you will not be using the ice cubes right away, you may want to put them into a zip-lock bag so that you can use them later and free up your ice cube tray.
  6. Use in your iced coffee.
Fairly simple process right? And this will keep your iced coffee from becoming too watery as the ice cubes melt.

So fire up your Black and Decker coffee maker (or your coffee maker of choice) and create some coffee ice cubes and let us know what you think!
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