Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Coffee Filter Uses

Paper coffee filters can be used for more than just filtering coffee.  Here are some uses and ideas that we have come up with for coffee filters.

  1. Kid's crafts - with some markers, paint, and a wood clothespin, you and your children can make some neat butterflies using coffee filters.
  2. Apply shoe polish. Lint free coffee filters will leave behind no lint pieces on your shiny shoes.
  3. Sprout seeds. Use a damp coffee filter, place seeds inside, put inside a zip lock bag and leave until they sprout.
  4. Out of cotton balls? They can be used to remove fingernail polish.
  5. Use to clean LCD screens.  Comes in handy if you have misplaced your lint free cloth that typically comes with these electronics.
  6. Use as a disposable spoon rest while cooking. No counter mess, and no extra dish to wash.
  7. Put baking soda in one, close with a twist tie, and use in closets, shoes, etc. to keep down odors.
  8. Use them in a plate to soak up grease from foods. (Bacon, Fries, Chicken Nuggets, etc.)
  9. Use while sewing as a backing for appliques, etc. It is easy to tear away when you are done.
  10. Cover dishes when microwaving food, no splatter to clean up!
What other uses can you come up with for coffee filters? We would love to hear them!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Making Cake with Coffee

Adding a little coffee flavor to something sweet is a winner every time. Ever tried coffee flavored ice cream? Delicious.  So the next time you are baking a cake, you might want to try substituting the water in the recipe with some left over coffee from your morning brew (black coffee).  This works especially well with chocolate cake. 

To make the coffee flavor a little more intense you could mix a couple spoonfuls of instant coffee into the batter of the cake.

What other recipes have you used coffee in? We would love to hear about them!

Would you prefer to not have any coffee leftovers to worry about what to do with? Then you might be interested in the Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker:

Or you can keep in mind the Melitta Coffee Makers:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to Get Rid of Coffee Bitterness

Have you ever sat down with a nice warm mug of coffee fresh from your coffee brewer just to take that first sip and it is too bitter to drink?  Well after a little bit of online detective work, it appears that the cure for the bitter in coffee is to add a small pinch of salt.

Salt changes the coffee taste by dampening the bitterness.  By adding salt you will highlight the other flavor notes of coffee: the deep, dark woodsy taste of the bean.

So not one to shy away from trying something new with coffee, I braved the salt in coffee effect, and added just a tiny bit to my cup of joe.  The bitterness of the coffee isn't as sharp, but it is still there, however, I may have used too little salt.

So long as you are allowed salt in your diet, try this trick with your coffee and let us know how it worked for you.  We'd love to hear about your coffee experience.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to Coffee Maker Outlet's Blog

Welcome to Coffee Maker Outlet's first blog.  We were inspired to start blogging in answer to our sister sites posting blogs of their own. (Pressure Cooker Outlet, Wood Stove Outlet, Bell Outlet, & Red Hill General Store)

Our online retail store is owned and operated by Red Hill General Store.  Red Hill General Store is located in Hillsville, VA at 1035 Sylvatus Hwy.  You should stop by and see them sometime! They stock some of our products in their store.

We will be keeping you updated with anything and everything coffee related that takes place in any of our retail stores, or on our websites.  Bookmark us and stop by while enjoying your very own cup of joe.
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