Monday, March 25, 2013

History of the Coffee Percolator

Coffee consumption goes back thousands of years and the methods of making a coffee beverage have changed greatly over the years. The coffee percolator was once considered a huge innovation in how to make your own coffee, now there are some people that do not even know that this device is or where it came from.

The original coffee percolator was invented by a British scientist/solider widely known as Sir Benjamin Thompson. He invented his percolating coffee pot after pioneering work with the Bavarian Army. His coffee percolator was unlike later models as it did not use the technology to form a continuous cycle of catching the rising boiling water through a tube.

In 1865 the first US patent for a coffee percolator was issued to James Mason. His percolator did not use the continuous method either.

It wasn't until 1889 that the patent for the coffee percolator that we are familiar with was issued to a Hanson Goodrich.

The design of the coffee percolator enabled coffee to be made on a stove top or over a campfire. Since it was created in a time that electricity was not well known, the coffee percolator did not rely on it to create coffee. To this day coffee percolators are popular with campers, outdoors men & women since it enables them to still be able to enjoy their morning cup of joe without needing to find a source of electricity.

Unfortunately with the invention of drip coffee makers the coffee percolator has nearly been eradicated as an ancient and outdated device. However, we still have people who look for the coffee percolator during power outages or before taking big camping trips.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cleaning a Coffee Grinder

Some people use their coffee grinders to grind more than just coffee, but if you have used it to grind up some strong smelling spices,  you will want to clean it before going back to grinding your coffee up.

To get rid of strong odors and flavors, grab a handful of cheerios and put them through your grinder for about 30 seconds. The cheerios act as an odor absorber.

If you don't have cheerios another options is to place a small charcoal briquette into your grinder (do not turn grinder on) cover with a paper bag and let it sit overnight. Charcoal is known as an odor absorber (many filters have charcoal in them) and this will help to absorb some of the odors out of your grinder for you.

With out the extra odors from any spices that you've used your coffee grinder on, your next cup of coffee from your percolator coffee pot should taste just how you like it.

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