Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Use a Coffee Percolator

For an old fashioned coffee taste you will want to learn how to use a coffee percolator. Many people will argue that coffee is not as good of quality when used in a percolator, but it just depends on what your own particular preference of taste is. Also a percolator is an ideal way to fix coffee for a large group of people.

First you will need a coffee percolator, coarse ground coffee, a measuring spoon, if your percolator is a stovetop then you will need a stove, if it is electric, an outlet, and you will also need water. Water definitely tends to help in the coffee making process.

Use the markings that are inside of your percolator pot to know how much water you want to add. Place the coffee pot basket in (use your percolator instructions for this as some are a little different). If you want to use a paper coffee filter in the basket, now would be the time to put it in.

For each cup of water that you have put into your coffee percolator you will want to add one tablespoon of your coarsely ground coffee grounds to the coffee pot basket. You can adjust this amount if you prefer stronger or weaker coffee, just tweak to your preferred taste.

Put your basket cover on top of the basket. Then put on the percolator top, being sure that it closes securely.

Here is where the instructions will vary depending on what type of percolator you have:

For a stove top percolator: Place the percolator on the stove and cook over medium heat. You will know that your coffee is done brewing when the coffee is the desired color in the clear glass knob on top of the percolator.

For an electric percolator: Plug it in and allow to percolate until it is done.

Once your coffee is done, remove from heat or unplug and serve. Be careful as percolated coffee can sometimes be a bit hotter than drip coffee.

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