Friday, January 11, 2013

Re-using Coffee Grounds in Your Beauty Routine

We've been looking at various things to do with coffee grounds, we've even posted about these uses in the past. Today we are going to focus on some of the beauty uses for them.

Use coffee grounds to help remove product build up in your hair. Coffee grounds will leave your hair feeling glossy and smooth. If you have lighter colored hair, keep in mind that they coffee may darken it.

Use coffee grounds to make a refreshing face lotion. The caffeine is said to help brighten your skin.

Treat cellulite. Many people feel that since caffeine helps improve circulation that it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Create your own toning lotion using coffee grounds.

Use to exfoliate your skin.

Make a coffee mask for dark hair.

Use in a DIY facial, the coffee grounds will help reduce puffiness and swelling.

As with any new addition to your beauty routine use caution, if a beauty treatment doesn't feel right to you do not do it. These recipes are also not recommended for those who are sensitive to or allergic to coffee.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Re-using Coffee Grounds

In the past we've discussed several ways to use coffee grounds such as: dying Easter eggs, dying fabric, cleaning with coffee grounds, using coffee grounds in your garden, making a coffee rub for steak, creating a coffee woodstain, making coffee facial scrubs, or even as a coffee body scrub. We also did a blog on different uses for coffee grounds. But even with all those tips and ideas, there are still a few uses for coffee grounds that we've missed. Well today we are going to share those with you:
  • Use as a plant food. Plants that prefer acidic soil will love the coffee grounds.
  • Use to clean greasy, grimy dishware. Place a few teaspoons of coffee grounds on a cleaning rag and use to scour away the grime and grease. Finish up with with a thorough rinsing.
  • Mix carrot and radish seeds with coffee grounds before planting to increase your harvest of these plants.
  • Get rid of strong smells on hands from cooking with garlic, cilantro, etc. Rub a handful of used coffee grounds on your hands and rinse well with warm water. 
  • Use as a mulch in your garden. (this works best with plants that enjoy acidic soil.
  • Keep bait worms for fishing alive. Just mix coffee grounds with soil in your worm container before adding the worms. They enjoy the coffee grounds, and the added nutrients from the grounds help to keep the worms alive longer.
  • Create antique looking paper for crafts and projects. Take your paper one sheet at a time and drop into a soupy mix of grounds and water, allow to sit for a minute or two and then remove, brush off grounds and allow to dry. A large casserole dish works best for this since there is enough room for the sheet of paper to go in without creasing or rolling up the edges of the paper.
  • Create a diy air freshener with dry coffee grounds, use a pair of old panty hose and a string to create your satchel to hold the coffee grounds.
Did we miss any great uses? Let us know in the comments section:

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