Monday, March 19, 2012

How to Clean with Coffee Grounds

Many people have their coffee everyday. It is almost a ritual of getting up, turning on the coffee maker and having a cup of coffee before beginning the tasks of the day. Most of the used coffee grounds from those cups of coffee are discarded immediately. But coffee grounds have many other uses, from making coffee body scrubs, to using coffee grounds in the garden, and yes even cleaning with them.

Coffee grounds can be used to clean dishes. The course texture makes them ideal for cleaning dishes that are typically hard to get clean. To accomplish this take some coffee grounds pack them into a square cloth and use a rubber band to tie the cloth shut around the coffee grounds.

Some tools can become sticky or gunky after use. To clean tools that have a hard to remove product on them, use the coffee grounds as an abrasive to rub off the residue. The natural oil in the grounds also help to keep the residue from re-sticking to your tools.

Coffee grounds will not clean a refrigerator, but they can deodorize a fridge that has a less than pleasant smell in it. Fill a bowl or cup with coffee grounds and set them inside your fridge.

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