Friday, March 30, 2012

Even More Coffee Grounds Uses

In the past we've discussed several ways to use coffee grounds such as: dying Easter eggs, dying fabric, cleaning with coffee grounds, and using coffee grounds in your garden. But even with all those tips and ideas, there are still a few uses for coffee grounds that we've missed. Well today we are going to share those with you:
  • Use them as a deodorizer for food prep smells on your hands. To do this dry the coffee grounds on a cookie sheet and then place them in a bowl in your fridge or freezer and the when you need to remove smells from your hands rub the grounds on them.
  • Repel bugs. Coffee grounds are great to repel ants, sprinkle old grounds around places where you do not want the ants, they are also said to help discourage snails and slugs.
  • Use to absorb odors. Take some old nylons or cheesecloth to make a sachet filled with old coffee grounds, hang them in a closet to help absorb odors. 
  • Keep your own cats or the neighbors from using your garden as a litter box, spread a pungent mixture of orange peels and used coffee grounds around your plants and the cats will avoid it.
  • If you have darker colored hair, use coffee grounds as a way to enhance color, shine, and softness. As you take a shower, rub the grounds on your hair, then shampoo thoroughly afterwards to remove the odor.


  1. TO deter cats do you dry the orange peels and grind in a food processor?

    1. You will want your orange peels to be fresh so that the citrus scent is stronger, but yes you can grind them in a food processor.


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