Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Coffee Filter Uses

Paper coffee filters can be used for more than just filtering coffee.  Here are some uses and ideas that we have come up with for coffee filters.

  1. Kid's crafts - with some markers, paint, and a wood clothespin, you and your children can make some neat butterflies using coffee filters.
  2. Apply shoe polish. Lint free coffee filters will leave behind no lint pieces on your shiny shoes.
  3. Sprout seeds. Use a damp coffee filter, place seeds inside, put inside a zip lock bag and leave until they sprout.
  4. Out of cotton balls? They can be used to remove fingernail polish.
  5. Use to clean LCD screens.  Comes in handy if you have misplaced your lint free cloth that typically comes with these electronics.
  6. Use as a disposable spoon rest while cooking. No counter mess, and no extra dish to wash.
  7. Put baking soda in one, close with a twist tie, and use in closets, shoes, etc. to keep down odors.
  8. Use them in a plate to soak up grease from foods. (Bacon, Fries, Chicken Nuggets, etc.)
  9. Use while sewing as a backing for appliques, etc. It is easy to tear away when you are done.
  10. Cover dishes when microwaving food, no splatter to clean up!
What other uses can you come up with for coffee filters? We would love to hear them!

1 comment:

  1. Place them in the bottom of a planter to avoid dirt from dropping out of drainage hole.


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