Monday, June 11, 2012

How to Cold Brew Tea

We recently went over how to cold brew coffee, and we decided to find out how to cold brew tea for these warm summer months, because not everyone enjoys coffee. And some days even coffee drinkers want a little something different. Hence tea.

So what do you need to get started?
A clean jar or pitcher with a lid (you could even use a tea pot, this may help you with the measurements for the tea since you know how much you usually use in your own tea pot)
Your tea of choice
Cold water

How do you make it? 
Get your container of choice, put 1.5 times as much tea as you use for a hot brew into your container. Fill the container with cold water and place the lid on top. Now place in the refrigerator. Now you wait, for about 10 hours. (Feel free to go do other things while you wait) You will need to wait less than 10 hours for some white teas and more delicate teas, and black teas will take a bit longer. You will just have to experiment with how long is good for your tea and your preferred tastes.

Strain your tea.


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