Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best Foods to Eat with Coffee

So you've heated up a pot of coffee, using your Black and Decker coffee maker, or other coffee maker brand of choice, and now you want a little snack to devour with that nice warm beverage. So what foods go best with coffee? Here are a few of our recommendations:

Donuts - Donuts and coffee have went together for as long as we remember, there are even doughnut shops that offer their own special brands of coffee to go with their donuts. You can go with the standard glazed donut or you can have jelly filled, cream filled, well, you get the idea.

Cake, Pie, or Cookies - There is nothing better after a great meal than a delicious desert coupled with a nice cup of joe. The coffee also seems to counteract the sweetness in deserts making them easier to enjoy.

Breakfast - Any breakfast food from muffins, bagels, or oatmeal to pancakes, sausage, eggs, bacon, biscuits seem to go well with the coffee of your choice. In fact, breakfast is when most people partake in their coffee addiction.

Ice Cream - Some people love the combination of a sinfully cold sweet treat paired with a warm beverage. It adds another level to the enjoyment of both.

What do you prefer to eat while enjoying your daily coffee?

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