Friday, May 6, 2011

Warm Months mean Camping Trips

  And what is a camping trip without coffee?

Have Coffee while Camping
Okay, I know, it is still a camping trip. But if you have a coffee lover (or coffee dependent person with you) it could be an unpleasant camping trip. So, just how do you make coffee when you are out in the wild with no power strip in sight?

Well, honestly it isn't that difficult. Just a few easy steps:

Materials you will need:
Coffee Percolator
Coffee Grounds
Coffee cup/mug


Step 1: Fill coffee pot/percolator just below basket.

Step 2: Put the basket and stem into place in the pot.

Step 3: Add your coffee to the basket. (Add as much or as little as you like but one guideline is 2 tablespoons of coffee per cup of water, but this way is a bit strong for me)

Step 4: Place percolator over fire (it is best if you have a grill grate or something that it can set on vs. putting directly in fire, which I do not recommend).

Step 5: Wait for the water to boil then remove the percolator and set it to the edge of the fire. Let it percolate slowly for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 6: Remove basket and dispose of coffee grounds. You can now have a cup of coffee.

Keep in mind that as with any campfire you will need to be very careful to avoid injury while making coffee with your percolator. Open flames definitely need careful and safe actions around them to avoid them spreading and to avoid being burned.

Also for outdoor coffee makers, I personally would avoid using any percolators with plastic handles and knobs as it is hard to control how hot a campfire can get and these plastic pieces could overheat and start to melt.

Hope everyone who is going camping this summer has a safe and fun trip! Don't forget the coffee!

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  1. You are correct; one MUST have fresh coffee when camping! However, we use our percolator to heat the water on a propane camp stove and then use it to make the coffee in a french press! Much batter tasting than percolator coffee in my opinion...


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