Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brrrr.....Chilly Mornings Made Better

Wow, Brrr is definitely what I've been saying these past several mornings. The summer heat fled and it fled fast. Here in SW Virginia our temps have been topping out in the low 60s these past few days. So what better way to jolt yourself into a better mood when your alarm inevitably goes off and you know you have to drag yourself out from under those warm covers?

What about coffee that is already waiting for you? There are many programmable coffee makers on the market. Programmable coffee makers have been out for awhile, but they really aren't talked about or bragged on as much as I had expected them to be. Thus far, I am really enjoying using mine. I set it to have my coffee ready after I have had time to get showered, dressed, and a bowl of quick oatmeal fixed. So why aren't you utilizing this great little early morning pick me up?

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