Monday, September 5, 2011

Coffee and Society

You need only search the term "coffee quotes" to see how coffee affects most people in today's society. So many use coffee to help them greet the day, socialize, get through energy lags at work and/or school. Coffee comforts, energizes, and is there.

 Many people do not even consider themselves to be fully human until they have consumed that first morning cup. And I will admit I am in that group of people.

I find the task of preparing my coffee maker each morning to be a friendly ritual that does not change no matter where my day may take me. It is a comfort when facing an exam in a college class, facing a move across several states, or starting a new job. No matter how new my day is, one thing remains the same in it, and that is my coffee prep. Measuring out the water and coffee grounds, then waiting patiently for the gurgle and steam that lets me know it will only be a few moments before I can have my first cup. Then measuring out my cream and sugar, and depending on the flavor of coffee, perhaps a little sprinkle of cinnamon or a small drop of vanilla extract.

Coffee and the preparation of my coffee is a little anchor to hold me in place, remind me of where I am, and that adjustments to new things can be made.

What is your anchor to calmness and sanity?

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