Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coffee + All Nighters

For those of us who are still students, using coffee to study, to pay attention in class, and to get things accomplished becomes a way of life.

For others who have the fond memories of school days behind them, coffee is one habit hard not to love and not take into the future.

Summer is coming to a close and for students it's time to hit the books and for the working class vacation time is over.

We know you have it all under control now... But as the year progresses, when you've got a giant report due tomorrow or a business proposal to finish, you're going to work into the wee hours of the morning.

So how can you be the most productive? Optimize your time? Stay up late and be healthy? How do you treat you late-night coffee? It's time we answer those questions.

Here's how to pull off and all-nigher and live safely.

1. If you have a test or speaking engagement in the morning you should not stay up all night. Remember that you need your sleep to preform your best. Stay up for a good chunk of time but then you should get some rest - or all of your effort put in the night before will not pay off.

2. Get down to business. no getting side tracked - you need to prioritiee your time 50 minutes of work and 10 minutes of break. This will keep your mind busy and keep you on track.

3. On your 10 minute break - MOVE! Stretch, dance, do jumping jacks. This keeps your blood flowing, mind sharp, and above all keeps you awake.

4.When you make your evening coffee don't drink it quickly. Experts recommend taking one small sip every 20-30 minutes. This keep you awake without a crash.

5. Between coffee sips drink ice cold water - not only will the temperature keep you awake and focused you will have to urinate often. Going to the restroom will force you to be up and moving.

6. Always work in a desk and a chair. Never work in bed, a couch, or the floor because the temptation to fall asleep is greater.

7. Sit straight. If you find yourself slumping over your work - straighten up and you body will respond by becoming more alert.

8. Eat apples. Their sugars keep your blood levels steady and some say they are even better than caffeine.

9. Be positive! Think, "this is not that bad!" "i'm going to make a good grade!" "This presentation will blow everyone away!"

10. Keep the lights on.

11. Finish it all. lay out your clothes the next day, set your alarm for the latest possible time, and have your coffee maker preset to start so your ready to go in the morning.


- realize when you can't do anymore. It's better to get some sleep and finish in the morning than be daydreaming throughout the night and next day.

- Save pulling all-nighters for desperate situations. Planning ahead is, by far, best.

I hope you find this information at least, entertaining. If not mildly useful.

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