Friday, October 5, 2012

Coffee During Old Timey Days

In older times, before the coffee maker was invented, but after coffee was discovered, people had methods of creating a coffee beverage so that they could enjoy the benefits that coffee can provide.

Brewing coffee has typically been the most utilized method of creating a coffee drink. Some pioneers would boil the coffee grounds then allow them to settle in the bottom of their cup before drinking in order to make their coffee.

Those that were lucky had a coffee percolator pot. Many pioneers would use the percolator as it was easier to use during long trips. They would hang the pot above their fire to allow their coffee to brew.

Photo Taken at Smokey Mountain Heritage Center
You may have also heard of cowboy coffee, which is a method that cowboys would use where they boiled the ground coffee beans, then the drink was strained through cloth, usually an old sock.

Photo Taken at Shockley's Old Timey Days
The modern coffee maker has changed how coffee is made, it has made coffee much easier, especially the one cup coffee brewers that are now on the market. Have you ever tried the more primitive ways of making coffee from the days of old?

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