Wednesday, October 31, 2012

History of Bunn Coffee Makers

For over 55 years the Bunn company has been making coffee makers. Bunn's headquarters have been in Springfield, Illinois since the birth of the company. In 1957, George Bunn created the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation. The first commercial fluted coffee filter was invented by Mr. Bunn this filter was created in a way that the filter was able to hold its shape more easily which resulted in fewer grounds being spilled into the coffee pot.

In addition to the commercial fluted coffee filter, Bunn also created the pourover coffee brewing machine. This  machine is used in commercial settings. It works by keeping the water hot then pouring the reservoir of hot water over the coffee grounds all at once. This method was preferred by restaurants and other commercial settings that served coffee as it allowed the coffee to be made more quickly than drip coffee methods. This coffee brewer helped to place Bunn at the front of the commercial coffee industry, and they still hold that spot today.

Although Bunn is more known for their commercial coffee brewers they do carry a line of at home coffee makers. Bunn Coffee Makers are of very high commercial quality.

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