Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Use a Coffee Urn

Last week Pressure Cooker Outlet posted a blog on Getting Ready for Big Holiday Gatherings.

In this blog they mention using a coffee urn. Coffee urns allow you to brew larger quantities of coffee and keep the coffee warm longer.

If you decide to go the route of using a coffee urn at your holiday gatherings you will need to know how to use one. As always, be sure to read your coffee urn's instructions and follow those if they vary from our instructions in any way.

First what you will need:
A Coffee Urn
Ground Coffee

Now the Steps:

Step 1: Remove the cover and brew basket. Also be sure that the spigot on the coffee urn is closed.

Step 2: Add your cold water to the desired fill line. There should be markings on the fill lines letting you know how many cups of coffee that much water will make after brewing.

Step 3: Measure your ground coffee out following the directions on your coffee or on your urn (some urns will recommend the amount of coffee grounds needed) for the amount of cups you will be creating in your coffee urn. Place the ground coffee into the coffee basket.

Step 4: Put your coffee basket and cover back into place on your coffee urn. Obviously, you will put the coffee basket in first and then secure the cover onto the urn.

Step 5: Plug in your coffee maker and turn it on. Your coffee will now start to brew. Be sure to read your urn's instructions to know how your urn will alert you as to when your coffee is finished brewing. Most coffee urns either have a beep or a green light.

Step 6: Once your coffee is done you will want to change your coffee urn's setting to warm or keep warm.

Step 7: Serve the coffee by opening the spigot and pour a cup of fresh coffee. When your urn gets low, unplug it so that it does not overheat.

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