Monday, April 22, 2013

10 Uses for Leftover Coffee

For those of you who really enjoy coffee and own a one of the large pot coffee maker brands you may find yourself with leftover coffee from time to time. So what can you do to not waste that coffee?

First you will want to save your coffee, the best way to save it is to put it in a container in the fridge. I like using a glass milk bottle to store my coffee in the fridge, since it is clear glass I know right away what is in the container. I do let the coffee cool some before pouring into the milk bottle so that the heat doesn't crack the glass.

Here are 10 uses for your leftover coffee:
  1. Make some Mocha Brownies. Just replace the water or milk in your favorite recipe with coffee.
  2. Coffee Ice Cream. If you own an ice cream freezer, you can use the coffee to flavor your vanilla ice cream recipe to give it a nice coffee flavor.
  3. Use to marinate your steaks or beef. Many people like to mix it with chili powder for their marinades.
  4. If you own any houseplants that need more acidic soil you can use coffee to water them occassionally to help boost the acid level in the soil.
  5. Freeze to use as ice in iced coffee drinks so that your iced coffee doesn't become watered down.
  6. Create a mocha frosting. This can be done with most frosting flavors, just stir it into the frosting that you are making, works well on most cake flavors as well.
  7. Use to dye fabrics, paper, or even to stain wood. 
  8. Make Tiramisu, just do a search for tiramisu recipes and choose the one that sounds the best to you.
  9. Make red eye gravy.
  10. Keep cooled in the refrigerator and make your own easy iced coffees throughout the day.
What are your suggestions for using leftover coffee?

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