Wednesday, April 18, 2012

10 Ways to Use Leftover Coffee

Maybe you had guests over and fixed more coffee than you needed. At any rate, you have some coffee leftover that you don't want to throw out, so how do you use it?
  1.  Let it cool and use it on shrubs or other plants that thrive with high acid additives.
  2. Use to make mocha brownies, replace 1 cup or less of the milk or water in a brownie recipe with your leftover coffee.
  3. Use it to make iced coffee (helps to freeze it in an ice cup tray).
  4. Use it as a marinade for beef.
  5. Save for recipes that require coffee, some chili recipes do and several dessert recipes as well.
  6. Look up a recipe for Tiramisu. It uses coffee. 
  7. Make red-eye gravy.;
  8. Make a coffee glaze for desserts.
  9. Use your leftover coffee to dye fabrics.
  10. Dye scratches in brown furniture to hide them.
So don't throw out your coffee once your coffee brewer has cooled off. Save it and use it. Have ideas that we didn't mention? Please share them in the comments below!

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