Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Best Places to Enjoy Coffee

You've just fired up the coffee brewer and are debating where to settle in and enjoy your cup of joe. Well there are many places where you can enjoy your coffee. Some of these places depend upon the weather and season, but here are a few of our favorite spots to enjoy our coffee:
  1. In our favorite armchair, with a book, by a fireplace. (Best for cooler seasons).
  2. Outside on our patio surrounded by nature. (Best for warmer months and sunny weather).
  3. In our favorite bookstore (be sure your bookstore allows drinks to be brought in). 
  4. At the kitchen table while talking with friends.
  5. In the office while tackling a big project.
  6. After dinner with a nice desert.
  7. At a friend's home.
  8. In our favorite coffee shop (of course drink their coffee, they would probably frown upon you bringing your own.)
  9. Anywhere while catching up on local news.
  10. Surrounded by our loved ones and enjoying the time together.

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