Friday, July 6, 2012

History of Mr. Coffee Coffee Makers

Sometimes it is fun to revisit the past, to get an idea of where the companies that we love came from. Mr. Coffee has been around for 40 years now. That's a lot of history behind the Mr. Coffee Coffee Makers.

In 1972 Mr. Coffee introduced their first coffee maker, which was the first automatic drip coffeemaker designed for household use. Quickly after, in 1975, Mr. Coffee invented their own coffee filter, this was the first of many of their product inventions.

In 1977 a frost that killed nearly all the coffee plants drove coffee prices to $4 a pound. (Which translates to $14.80 today) Some states decided to allow people to only purchase 1 pound of coffee per household. To help people stretch their coffee, Mr. Coffee created a brewer that would make the same amount of coffee, while using less coffee grounds.

For those that have trouble getting up in the morning, Mr. Coffee introduced their first line of programmable coffee brewers in 1980. Hello effortless morning coffee! Shortly after this introduction, Mr. Coffee created the first Pause N' Serve coffee maker, allowing you to have a cup of coffee before the entire pot has finished brewing.

Mr. Coffee decided that they should look into helping people who like tea, but maybe not coffee, in 1989 they introduced the automatic Iced TeaPot to their product line. They continued upon this line in 1995 when they introduced the Mrs. Tea hot tea maker.

After 30 years, Mr. Coffee celebrated in 2002 with an ad that featured Carson Daly and Chris Klug.

After many years of coffee pots, that when making coffee for one were wasteful, Mr. Coffee designed their first one cup brewer, or single serve brewer in 2004.

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