Friday, July 13, 2012

What do you Know about Coffee Filters?

Anyone who drinks coffee has at one point or time either owned or used a coffee maker that used coffee filters. So how did coffee filters come about?

Coffee filters were invented to filter out the oily part of coffee, also known as diterpenes. Melitta Benz created the first coffee filter in July of 1908 (Happy 104th birthday to the coffee filter!)

Does the name Melitta sound familiar? If so it is because Melitta Benz created the company that makes the Melitta coffee makers.

The original coffee filter was created from blotting papers, now, most standard coffee filters are made from crepe paper. This type of paper is strong enough to not tear when the hot water passes through, but weak enough to allow the water, now coffee, to pass through.

Many coffee maker companies created their own filters to go with their coffee makers. Such as, Bunn Coffee Filters, there are also off brand coffee filters made in specific sizes, as well as permanent coffee filters, for those who do not want to continually purchase and throw away coffee filters.

What other neat facts do you know about coffee filters?

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